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To the anon who asked about Dad's safe's combination: 02-49-13 was the code to Problem Sleuth's safe as well, if I remember correctly! I'm pretty sure the code was the same just so that Hussie could make the reference. At least, I'm pretty sure that it was PS's code as well. It's been a while since I've read that comic.


But no cigar.

Ace Dick?

Also no.

I do commend this Anon for looking through Problem Sleuth though! That really should have occurred to me… Ah well. If anyone else finds something related to the combination to Dad’s safe, drop me an ask with the related information and I’ll post it here.

No man is an island. Your help in making our combined MSPA knowledge that much greater is appreciated!

So! The combination to Dad's safe is 02-49-13. Have those numbers become significant in any way?

I looked Anon.

I really did.

I looked for a lot longer than I should have.

A lot longer than I should have.

But I can’t find this safe combination ANYWHERE else.

I tried dates. I tried countdowns. I tried timestamps of all sorts.


Ok that’s a lie. I’ve got basically one thing, and even IT is a stretch of the imagination and is of no real relevance.

It could be the password to Bro’s computer???

See, I told you it was a stretch.

I mean, 02-49-13 is there as well, take that as you will.

Either way, it’s not going to have any DEEP significance as far as I can tell, probably just another one of those things of DUBIOUS IMPORTANCE that keep popping up. Also known as WEIRD PLOT SHIT. What I’m saying is, as interesting as it can be to start looking for patterns, this one probably doesn’t have any terrible significance (don’t even get me started on the color of the dreamselves’ shoes… I spent DAYS on that…) so don’t get too hung up on it.

How did the trickster versions of characters come to be? I've read the whole series and haven't seen them anywhere!

There’s actually a really nice article in the Homestuck Wiki that deals with this exact thing, and explains it much better than I could. Not really an area of expertise for me, I’m mostly about the story, not technical stuff like this. Or fandom stuff, like that Cory in the House fandom meme that’s spreading around like wildfire.

Not that questions like this aren’t welcome, but it’s not exactly what I’m good at answering, like questions about the story or characters. Ah well. Keep asking away and I’ll keep answering to the best of my ability, even if the best of my ability is linking to an article on the wiki.

What does Cory in the House have to do with Homestuck?

I’ll be honest Anon.

I wish I knew.

I wish I knew.

When was the attack "Red Miles" first given its name?

Sorry Anon, I know this was way more pertinent back around Cascade, but shit happened. Anyway.

Depends on what you mean by that.

The first time we see the term “Red Miles” used specifically in conjunction with the attack is during WV’s dream sequence.

That starts right here, for the full sequence.

It is not, however, the first time Red Miles is mentioned. A bit of background first.

This page refers to Snowman’s attack as BLACK INCHES. This is important, bare with me.

On this page Snowman talks about how she is manipulating Terezi and Vriska in her plan to get revenge on Jack. ” Scourge’s black inches would rip red miles through Derse.”

In other words, the attack RED MILES is a direct callback and counterpart to Snowman’s attack, BLACK INCHES. It’s used by her one true nemesis, Jack.

Both BLACK INCHES and RED MILES are mentioned together one other time, in Minfang’s Journal of all places, on this page. Referencing Redglare, Mindfang says, “Had we inched 8lacker we’d have torn red miles across the land and sea." Since Snowman was the exile for both Terezi and Vriska, it makes sense that their ancestors would be associated with the term.

And of course, the latest installment in the RED MILES saga was seen in Cascade, where Jack finally uses the attack with the name attached, as we know. And I think that’s really all there is to say on the matter.

When exactly did Dave's shirt symbol go from a record, to a scratched record? Do we know why that happened?

This one is actually fairly easy, and hey, my life has stopped being busy as all get out, so let’s get to answering.

The page you are looking for is right here. That’s the final round of Bro and Dave’s fight on the rooftop of their apartment building before Dave finally receives the Beta. If you watch carefully, you can see Bro deal Dave the finishing blow, cutting up Dave’s piece of shit sword, Cal, and the record symbol on his shirt.

As far as I can tell, this is merely an aesthetic change, and doesn’t really mean anything for the story. As a symbol of Dave, it means some other things, but that deals with a bunch of themes and is mostly interpretation, so I’ll steer clear of that for now. Short version, it’s scratched because Bro cut it in half.

That’s really all there is to say on the matter.

(I have another question lined up to answer, I’ll see if I can’t pump out the answer to that one, although it will be a bit longer than this one, tonight.)

What *do* we know about the Horrorterrors?

Ah, just the kind of question to start out with.

We don’t actually know much about them, to be perfectly honest.Most of what we do know comes from sources like Rose or Feferi, who could be misled by the Dark Gods in question, or Doc Scratch, who could be misleading US. Let’s take a look at what we DO seem to know.

First of all, the Horrorterrors, or the Dark Gods, exist beyond Derse, beyond the Furthest Ring, in the space between different sessions. They seem to be a “part” of the game, though this is a tad bit dubious. Either way, in the two sessions we have seen so far (the kid session and the troll session, if that wasn’t clear), they have functioned as an aid to the Derse Dreamers, much like the clouds of Skaia aid the Prospit Dreamers. They set up the dream bubbles in the Furthest Ring at Feferi’s request, to allow the living and the dead to communicate through dreams and memories. See this flash: That also establishes two other important things, the first being the link between the Dark Gods and the Squiddles. The suiddles are associated with the Dark Gods and the Horrorterrors use them as a kind of relay between themselves and people who don’t want to look at eldritch abominations. The second thing about this flash is when Dave takes off his shades, more on that later. They took a very active role in Rose’s development throughout the game.

We all remember how that turned out, yes?

They led her to discover the Green Sun and what it did, telling her to destroy the book with the genetic code for the first guardian in it (still not sure what the point of that was, since causality dictates that Bec HAD to come into being somehow, unless the Dark Gods are trying to fight against the very nature of paradox space, which may or may not be part of the MO, as will become apparent), and led to the entire plan to destroy the Green Sun using the Tumor. This is all apparently in hopes of stopping the Horrorterror from being “massacred.” This ENTIRE conversation between Rose and Dave is very illuminating: To summarize, something is out in the Furthest Ring killing the Horrorterrors, and they’re asking Rose and Dave for help. This “help” consists of blowing up the Green Sun using the tumor. They make the map to the Green Sun, the kids blow the thing up. Presumably whatever is killing them is powered by it.

We thought it was that guy for a long time, with Lord English making a close second.

…At least, that was what we thought for the majority of Act 5. Cascade sorta threw that for a loop. We find out that the Tumor in fact CREATES the Green Sun. The Dark Gods helped Dave make the map through space AND time, so they must have known that when they arrived at the location of the Green Sun, there wouldn’t be a Green Sun. So are the Horrorterrors working with Lord English and Doc Scratch? Hard to tell, especially once we saw LE’s peg leg. Remember that link to the squiddles I mentioned? They get killed too, by a pirate named Skipper Plumthroat (check out the Squiddles Album for more haunting lyrics on that subject). LE’s peg leg seems to indicate a link to this Skipper Plumthroat, so LE could be the one murdering all of the Horrorterrors. That’s all speculation, mind you. It’s probably worth it to bring up again the burning of the First Guardian Genetic code that the Dark Gods made Rose do. It’s possible that the Dark Gods are far from infallible, and know a lot less than their eldritch forms would have us believe. They thought they could stop their massacre by burning the genetic code, they thought they could stop their killing by blowing up the Green Sun, and they thought they could stop Noir by making Rose go grimdark to take him on. But all their plans fail because they have a lot less omniscience than beings with the label “Dark Gods” may be believed to have. Again, that’s just speculation.

One last thing I want to touch on. I just mentioned Rose going grimdark. See this short flash: Rose is angry that she has let her mother die while she was off on the errands of the Dark Gods. Scratch then tells her to consult the all knowing cue ball as to just what the deal is with the Dark Gods, leading to that flash. Just to infer, it seems that this is a kind of trigger. There’s a couple ways to interpret that trigger. Either seeing the answer itself causes her to go grimdark, OR (and I find this to be the more likely option, but you can decide that for yourself) the Dark Gods saw that if Rose saw the answer from the cue ball, they would lose control of her, and so they completely took over in retaliation. Just another event that completely muddles trying to figure out what the Horrorterrors’ true intentions are.

And don’t even get me started on this image.

Like I said at the beginning, there are a lot of unanswered questions about the Horrorterrors. We do have a some information, untrustworthy as the sources may be, so we can make some educated guesses at least! I hope this helps to understand just what role the eldritch abominations that live in the Furthest Ring play in Homestuck!


In light of recent events, I feel I should make a rule. Questions about recent updates need to wait at least three days before I am really expected to know what the hell is going on.

For instance.




That is all. We know return to your regularly scheduled Question and Answer period.

Homestuck Q&A

Hello all. I see a lot of posts on forums and things that have to do with Homestuck asking for answers to “simple” questions.

I think that’s a problem.

Homestuck is complicated as all get out, and I think we can agree on that. It takes a couple times of looking through it all to really get it, y’know? There are things you can miss on your first read, things that didn’t make sense in light of your second read, and on your third read you just had no idea what was going on anymore.

That’s what I aim to solve. This seeming general confusion about just what the heck is going on in Homestuck.

I don’t want to say I’m an expert on Homestuck, but I do have a near encyclopedic knowledge of its contents and a really handy search tool on the site to find things that even I don’t remember. I’ve been helping my friends figure out the puzzle rapped in an enigma and streaked with a mystery that is Homestuck for a while now, using my multiple readthroughs and research to be able to theorize about the future of the comic. (Guess who called that whole shrinking of the planets thing- this guy did :D)

What I’m saying is, I’m here to help. Use me as a resource. No question is too simple or too dumb. I can probably find a way to complicate it! Ask away, dear internet. Just click the little ask box and give me your questions about Homestuck. Who knows, maybe you’ll even think of something I didn’t think of!

I’m Teleportal, and once again, I’m here to help.